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Spooner gets life

John Spooner was sentenced today for the murder of Darius Simmons.

Spooner received a sentence of life in prison without parole from Judge Jeffrey Wanger.

"There should never be any light in the tunnel for you," Wagner said, while sentencing Spooner

Spooner was found guilty on Wednesday and his insanity defense was rejected Friday.

At court, Patricia Larry made this statement: “My pain is so great. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do this. I’m here for my son Darius Simmons. I want (Spooner) to have life in prison. He is a menace to society. We need to put the guns down. No mother should have to go through this.”

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Phase 2 verdict in: Insanity plea has been denied, Spooner headed to jail

John Spooner’s claim of not guilty be reason of mental disease or defect (insanity) has been rejected by he Jury!

He will now await sentencing for murdering Darius Simmons.

The jury saw through claims by Spooner’s lawyer that his client did not know what he was doing. Spooner himself shed light on his calculated and cold-blooded state of mind with his testimony yesterday.

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"I would call it justice."

The world was given a clear picture of John Spooner’s hateful, depraved and downright awful state of mind towards Darius Simmons today when Spooner took the stand.

Much to the surprise of those in the audience, Spooner characterized his shooting of an unarmed child as ‘justice’.

"I wouldn’t call it [his actions] vengeance" said Spooner. When asked what he would consider it, he said "I would call it justice.". Spooner also said he would have gunned down his brother had his gun not jammed.

Court will reconvene in the morning, stay tuned.

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Court adjourns for the day

The court has adjourned for today.

Court will resume tomorrow at 8:45am. At that time, Phase 2 of the trial will resume as John Spooner’s attorney will continue to push for a verdict of not guilty due to mental disease or defect.

Recap of today’s key court activities

  • In Phase 1 of the trial the jury started deliberating on the charge of First-degree Intentional Homicide and returns with a guilty verdict in less than an hour.
  • Phase 2 begins with testimony from psychiatrists from the defense (Spooner) team.

More updates to come tomorrow.

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